Something about me 
Hey there! I'm Dominique. A UIUX designer with an industrial design background. 
I started my design journey when I stumbled into architecture design back in college and was astonished by how impactful and influential design is to users, and vice versa. My design philosophy is centered around the user, and I believe every design decision should be made considering the user's needs and preferences. I appreciate challenges and uncertainties and approach design from different angles. As a multi-disciplinary designer, I am inspired to constantly explore and create a meaningful experience for all aspects of life and needs with a delightful and thoughtful heart. 
I'm currently hopping between Pasadena, CA, and Taiwan to be closer to family. When I'm not designing, you can find me exploring the streets of Taiwan, rediscovering the beauty that I've missed growing up. Or digging through children's books at a local library and doing dramatic story-reading for toddlers. 
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